Thursday, February 10, 2011

From Nana's within...

There is this gentleman, S, whom I adore.
I do not know him well enough yet.
And perhaps to him, I am just one of the passers-by (oh yes, as I have to do that everyday!)
I know I should not rush into things.
I know if he is meant to be mine, no matter what happens, he will be.
I always tell myself that I have to be bolder to approach him.
Or at least smile whenever I see him...
But I am so shy...
I get so tongue tied whenever I see him
My smile must have looked as if I was forced or so.
If you ever read this, please do not mistaken me as being as unfriendly.
You see, my heart, my brain and my body language do not coordinate well when you are around.
My heart must have been in my mouth then!

I am so dumb struck on what I should do next.
I do not want to waste anymore time
Only to find out that some ladies just took his heart
Only to find out that I never took the effort to get to know him
Only to find out that he does not know how I feel

Wow! I blushed just by typing all these.
What is "ladies should not try so hard"?
What is "let guys make the first move all the time?"

Heart thumping in my mouth again!

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