Friday, August 20, 2010


I started having loves towards raccoons since I watched Pocahontas way back in 1996, or was it earlier? Seems like all my memories are stucked in 1996. Haha! Then all these went to the back of my head until I watched Furry Vengeance, starring Brendan Fraser & Brooke Shields, last night. If you need a laugh or an animal lover, you can watch this movie. It's lovely - all hail to raccoon & skunks!

So here are some pictures of raccoons to be shared with you guys below. Apparently raccoons are wild, well.. they do not look cute when they snarl. I want to take a picture with raccoon some day. But they do not have them in Singapore zoo, only lemurs. 

Bleh.... how can it be so cute?

The last time I was in the Singapore zoo. Okay that was my first time in any zoo located on this planet, I even dragged my sisters to the Jurong Bird Park and they complaint non stop. Haha! Then we were in this enclosed area in the zoo where we can walk into and they had lemurs walking around.. There was this all-black Lemur walking towards our way & we said "Oh... so cute *camera snapping*..." then out of the blue it snarled at us... I think we practically screamed and ran for our lives! So unglam... 
Some more information on raccoons can be found on Wikipedia.

I posted this comment about wishing to take pictures with raccoons and Edwin K suggested me to make a girl do thick make up & make her cry. Then I'll take a quick snap of it. Haha. I think it's really feasible. Shall try it out some day... Who wants to be my volunteer? 

Till the next time, take care. *Cough cough* yes... I'm sick now... 

P.S. Found this cool picture on Flickr, credits to sakuranym:

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I just received my new toys after waiting since end of June, but the long wait has been paid off. I don't exactly know the name of the lens, they tend to come with really hard-to-remember names.Ok, just wait while I browse through the internet for the names. Ok, they are Wondereye Pink (left, but the bottle said EOS right? :confused:) & Geo Angel Grey (Right).

I couldn't wait to try them on after Jen Frmheadtotoe had a review on her pink lenses. So I took good rest the night before, and made the effort to wake up earlier the next morning. Ok, I have only used pink lenses so far, haven't tried on the grey ones yet. This is the problem you may get when you get more than 1 pair of circle lens at once. Or... maybe not, I just want to use my lenses wisely ;)

So I got my lens from this lady from Facebook. I am pretty impressed with the product and the service, so I placed order for the Winter Barbie series. Then all of a sudden you notice so many on Facebook selling lenses, one cheaper than the other. So you're now stuck with choices. As for Lens Shop, I must say that I love her service, and she only requires 50% deposit. Wow.

So here is one of the many shots: 

The colour is only obvious when you are under the sun. Else, it'll blend in to your eye colour, in my case, it did and gave a hazel looking colour. The other hazel looking picture is in my phone, so got to wait till I transfer it to my picture. 

The circle lens which I bought are not too dramatic as I've tried once with the Freshkon ones, I looked like a lizard, as per Emily. That time was an accident, I bought a shade of brown too light. I am trying to refrain myself from getting those again cuz my boss seemed to have a thing about super big & black iris. She once commented about this girl working in the local bank used the dolly eye, must be the super black series and she doesn't really like it. I am not trying to please her but I just want to get to wear my lens to work :)

I know there are reports commenting that circle lens will lead to blindness but really, if you use them in moderation, and be wary of your hygiene, you should not worry. Though I love my pink lens to bits and pieces now, I am now using my glasses looking like a nerd. Hehe.

Have you noticed the watermark on my pictures? Ok I know all my watermarks look different in all my posts :lol: but I wanted to point out the font I was using. It's called Arabic One Night Stand. The name sounds so kinky. :lol: If you're interested, you can get it from this site

Today has not been the greatest day of all but right now I am sitting here spending some personal time, it's not too bad too. Just had my dinner in our local restaurant, WYWY. The food are really good today, either it is because I skipped lunch earlier or because everyone is going for the buffet for breaking fast, and I ordered ala carte, so service is quick and food is good. Perhaps only locals understand what I am having here: Kolo meehoon with wanton & Sea Coconut de Longan. Yummy <3

Till my next update, take care & have a brilliant weekend ahead. Love.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Imagine: *fighting cats*

Happy Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends & families. Do not worry, it is not raining in KB, in fact it is a bright sunny day today, perhaps in conjunction with the public holiday today. It is only raining in my world today. Why?

> Because I am working today! Weeee~ *sarcastically*!! Today is a public holiday for all, except me. 
Remembering when I was flying off to KK with Simon & the guys back in Dec 2008, I had some problem with my AirAsia ticket, Alan quoted AirAsia's slogan: "Now everyone can fly... except Nana..." but I managed to get into the flight in the end. =)

> Because I was supposed to begin my ACCA F5 & F9 classes next week, and I only found out yesterday that F9 classes are not confirmed yet because I am the only student who signed up for it. And since I only found out about it yesterday, I cannot take up P2 classes because P2 has already started on 7 Aug 2010! I can only get confirmation whether F9 classes will still be ongoing after the June 2010 results are released (i.e. 23 Aug 2010)

> Because the project which I am working on does not seem to be working out rightly. Perhaps I am targeting at the wrong group of consumers. Maybe I should do some marketing or promotions... In fact, I have not finished uploading all my pictures yet, and that is only for a particular brand. The other brand, I am still awaiting for my supplier to come back from her vacation.

> Because at times it seems to me that having Mr Uncle as my bf is as if I don't have one at all. Okay, I won't drill much into it otherwise I will get emo for the rest of the day.

> Because sometimes I do thing which I have no exact explanation for.
Like yesterday I stayed back in my office after 5pm, till about 6.30pm. When I was warming up a car, I saw some "theft" going on. I quoted them cuz I cannot confirm whether it is theft or collusion happening within the company. Mr Uncle told me I should not get too upset over it cuz it may not be true, but then I still feel that perhaps I could have done something? Intervening, perhaps? 

I will be meeting up with dear Jacinta for lunch. We will be having duck rice, it has definitely been a while since I last had duck rice. Perhaps I will take a snapshot of it. 

Hope the day will get better as the hours pass by. What shall I do tonight? Hopefully mom comes home with my lenses! Pink & gray... <3 and I shall continue with my Beethoven Virus. 

xoxo, Na.

(picture credit to lyn @ Flickr)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BBQ @ LLRC 20100808

Last Sunday my colleague organized a BBQ held at LLRC beach for a get together before the fasting month. It was a good bonding time with me & my colleagues. Although I did not eat much but I enjoyed myself, it was a sunny day with clear sky. There were lots of big trees as shades, so no worries about getting too warm. Hey, LLRC swimming pool is only a walking distance away, just in case you need a quick rinse after playing by the beach. They have toilets for you to change into clean clothes before you head home. Don't tell anyone you learn it from me. 

The Food:

The Beach:

The Co-operation :)
1. The recreational club is only a 5min walk away, so you can get nice chilly drinks to refresh yourself or dine in Kate's Catering over there, if you don't like BBQ-ed food.
2. What can I say... you can either enjoy playing in the sea or in the pool in the club. There's a toilet where you can clean yourself.
3. The trees there are huge. No need to worry about being fried under the sun at 12pm.
4. It is a pretty clean place.

1. Sand getting into the food. In my case, the sausage i ate was sandy.
2. Sand flies! I got bitten twice!! Their scars tend to stay for a long time, I am not sure what the remedy is, mosquito repellent perhaps? Heard from Mr Uncle that you just have to use the sand beach to rub all over your feet and the culprit will leave you alone. Try it and let me know.

So if you're planning a weekend getaway with your friends & family, you can check out this place. Don't forget your sunblock!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

to feel what it is like

This is my first entry and I will do an introduction about myself. I have always wanted to have a proper blog but never had the inspiration. If you need to know, I just got this inspiration on what I should blog about when I was in my shower. =)

First off, this is Yuna from Brunei. I am turning 25 this year and I earn my bucks by crunching numbers. That's right, I am an accounts supervisor. Not an accountant just yet as I am still earning my qualifications. So I am a part time student too. So early Junes and Decembers will be the busiest time for me as I will be preparing for my exams. Hopefully it'll only be so for the next 2-3 years.

Hobby... this is a little difficult as I love anything under the sun. So this will be more of a combination of my hobbies, likes and dislikes. I bake. I love K-pop, that include certain dramas. I have very few close friends but they are very dear to me. I love food and I tend to have very bad cravings. A friend commented that I am a Facebook addict but I think I am still alright. I am learning how to be use make up better.

So I will not be specifically blogging about a certain thing under the sun, it could be really random. Perhaps a movie or drama I just watched, life inspiration, food I just baked (which I have not done in ages), products which I just tried on, restaurants which I just tried out, or even just a random update on my day.

I hope it will turn out all good and I seriously hope that I will have the time to update more often. To share bits and pieces under the sky with the rest of you.

Till then, Love.