Saturday, August 14, 2010


I just received my new toys after waiting since end of June, but the long wait has been paid off. I don't exactly know the name of the lens, they tend to come with really hard-to-remember names.Ok, just wait while I browse through the internet for the names. Ok, they are Wondereye Pink (left, but the bottle said EOS right? :confused:) & Geo Angel Grey (Right).

I couldn't wait to try them on after Jen Frmheadtotoe had a review on her pink lenses. So I took good rest the night before, and made the effort to wake up earlier the next morning. Ok, I have only used pink lenses so far, haven't tried on the grey ones yet. This is the problem you may get when you get more than 1 pair of circle lens at once. Or... maybe not, I just want to use my lenses wisely ;)

So I got my lens from this lady from Facebook. I am pretty impressed with the product and the service, so I placed order for the Winter Barbie series. Then all of a sudden you notice so many on Facebook selling lenses, one cheaper than the other. So you're now stuck with choices. As for Lens Shop, I must say that I love her service, and she only requires 50% deposit. Wow.

So here is one of the many shots: 

The colour is only obvious when you are under the sun. Else, it'll blend in to your eye colour, in my case, it did and gave a hazel looking colour. The other hazel looking picture is in my phone, so got to wait till I transfer it to my picture. 

The circle lens which I bought are not too dramatic as I've tried once with the Freshkon ones, I looked like a lizard, as per Emily. That time was an accident, I bought a shade of brown too light. I am trying to refrain myself from getting those again cuz my boss seemed to have a thing about super big & black iris. She once commented about this girl working in the local bank used the dolly eye, must be the super black series and she doesn't really like it. I am not trying to please her but I just want to get to wear my lens to work :)

I know there are reports commenting that circle lens will lead to blindness but really, if you use them in moderation, and be wary of your hygiene, you should not worry. Though I love my pink lens to bits and pieces now, I am now using my glasses looking like a nerd. Hehe.

Have you noticed the watermark on my pictures? Ok I know all my watermarks look different in all my posts :lol: but I wanted to point out the font I was using. It's called Arabic One Night Stand. The name sounds so kinky. :lol: If you're interested, you can get it from this site

Today has not been the greatest day of all but right now I am sitting here spending some personal time, it's not too bad too. Just had my dinner in our local restaurant, WYWY. The food are really good today, either it is because I skipped lunch earlier or because everyone is going for the buffet for breaking fast, and I ordered ala carte, so service is quick and food is good. Perhaps only locals understand what I am having here: Kolo meehoon with wanton & Sea Coconut de Longan. Yummy <3

Till my next update, take care & have a brilliant weekend ahead. Love.

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