Friday, August 20, 2010


I started having loves towards raccoons since I watched Pocahontas way back in 1996, or was it earlier? Seems like all my memories are stucked in 1996. Haha! Then all these went to the back of my head until I watched Furry Vengeance, starring Brendan Fraser & Brooke Shields, last night. If you need a laugh or an animal lover, you can watch this movie. It's lovely - all hail to raccoon & skunks!

So here are some pictures of raccoons to be shared with you guys below. Apparently raccoons are wild, well.. they do not look cute when they snarl. I want to take a picture with raccoon some day. But they do not have them in Singapore zoo, only lemurs. 

Bleh.... how can it be so cute?

The last time I was in the Singapore zoo. Okay that was my first time in any zoo located on this planet, I even dragged my sisters to the Jurong Bird Park and they complaint non stop. Haha! Then we were in this enclosed area in the zoo where we can walk into and they had lemurs walking around.. There was this all-black Lemur walking towards our way & we said "Oh... so cute *camera snapping*..." then out of the blue it snarled at us... I think we practically screamed and ran for our lives! So unglam... 
Some more information on raccoons can be found on Wikipedia.

I posted this comment about wishing to take pictures with raccoons and Edwin K suggested me to make a girl do thick make up & make her cry. Then I'll take a quick snap of it. Haha. I think it's really feasible. Shall try it out some day... Who wants to be my volunteer? 

Till the next time, take care. *Cough cough* yes... I'm sick now... 

P.S. Found this cool picture on Flickr, credits to sakuranym:

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