Monday, September 13, 2010

Perfume: a great gift or no-no?

Dear all,

Yes I noticed that I have disappeared for quite some time. Have been trying to catch up with my proper work and I am still getting over the fact that I failed one of my ACCA papers in the June 10 sitting. It was the Law paper. So I will be retaking it, on top of another paper, in Dec 10, and I haven't started any revision so far. Anyhow, don't have to wish me luck because I believe luck will only happen when there is sufficient preparation. 

I had F5 classes over the last weekend of August & I swear it totally drained my energy. The class was okay but the intensive hours of paying attention in class, which was followed by driving on the road for about 1.5hrs. I was only fully recharged after a week. And this is going to happen again this weekend. I am still thinking what I should do to make myself less tired. Age is really catching up. Haha! 
Back to the topic, I know a lot of people would like to give others perfume as a birthday gift. Honestly, do you know what kind of smell the other person loves or loathes? 

So far I have received 4 bottle of perfumes as follows. They are arranged in the order I received them:
Davidoff Echo

Davidoff Cool Water Wave
Armani Code
Dior Addict 2
First three perfumes were given to me as my birthday gifts, not the same year of course. I am grateful to receive them as a gift, as perfumes are not cheap. But this is where the problem lies, you are grateful to receive such presents but the scent is what the person who offers the gift likes, not you yourself. For sure they will not get you something which makes you feel like throwing up whenever you dabbed on them for the day. You know it comes from their heart, when they bought it for you, they thought of you, thinking that it suits your personality. But deep down in your heart, you will know immediately whether you like the scent or not. The scent may be bearable but it lacks the kick, the excitement, the confidence generated from deep within when you wear it. To be honest, I have seen friends who use the perfume given to her as a gift to spray on her shoes / heels. I will never do that because everything given to me is precious to me, even if it lacks the Omph! 

Personally I like scent which is vibrant, lively and has a hint of men's musky smell, like my all time favorite CK One. I have fallen in love with Dior Addict 2 for a long while, I think it has definitely been more than 12 months and recently, someone who owed me a gift (very much long overdue, btw) was going overseas, and she asked me what perfume I would like. See, this is the trick, if you want to get a perfume for someone, always ask for any preferences. So I told her to get me Dior Addict 2, complete with a Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

(The ice cream is out of the topic but it is making me drool again!Trust me, I got both the perfume & ice cream in the end...)

When I received the Dior Addict 2, I was overwhelmed with happiness, and whenever I wear it, I can feel happiness from deep within. Even if I am just sitting behind my workstation, being alone & idle, when I smell my wrist, I will grin from ear to ear. This is the level of impact your favorite perfume has on you & your day. 

Recently, I fell in love with this:
A Scent by Issey Miyake
Do I have to wait for another 12 months to have this sent to my doorstep? Haha. Honestly, I rather splurge on clothes and food, rather than perfume. At the moment of fidgeting in the store, I will always tell myself I have other perfumes sitting in my cabinet and I can always come back and get it. 

So next time before you buy a perfume for your friend or other half, it's better to ask first. Although you may have diminished the "mystery" but imagine how loved the person will feel while using his/her favorite perfume, it is all worth the trouble. 

Love. Eid Mubarak to all Muslim friends out there. Enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones. 

(I actually started this post about a week back but last week was a total crazy week for me, crazy load of work and had to help out with my mom in her shop after work. Was totally in sleep deprived mode.>


  1. Hi there,

    I came across this blog while casually surfing the net on a lazy Sunday evening.

    I absolutely love the page layout/design/colour scheme, music and the candid thoughts that have been honestly translated into your blog :)

    Perfumes are indeed a great gift for people that you love and care about. I think most of the time, people would choose fragrances that they think best represent the receiver's personality, or at least be a best guess at what the receiver would love.

    However, I do agree with you, it is probably best to ask what is preferred when choosing fragrances as gifts, even though I personally hate spoiling the surprise, but then again, it wouldn't be much of a good surprise if the receiver were presented with a perfume that he/she hated...

    A random comment on the side: A scent by Issey Miyake is very subtle and "green", very different from Dior Addict 2. What made you then, dear blogger, like such a different scent to what you normally use?

    And seriously, do people really start spraying their shoes with perfumes that they do not like? That seems very, very harsh, but in truth I think my own sister does it as well, which is why I have refrained from buying her scents. Perhaps then oil based perfumes are best for people with such tendencies? :)

    You've done a great job in enlightening my depressing evening, so I thought I'd contribute a few thoughts from my head since you were so kind to share yours. It feels like talking to an old cherished friend...

    Thank you :)

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your appreciation on the layout which I scratched my head over for about a week, esp when I do not have any experiences with blogs or websites.

    Unfortunately, I did eye-witness a friend of mine spritzing some perfume into her shoes. It must have happened a long time ago but it still remains in my head.

    One is always complicated in nature. For me, I do not know what I am searching for till I found it. Be it the right perfume for me, or the style of clothes I wish to stick to. There is no definite answer. But once you find it, you know you have found it and you will not be able to get it out of your head. It varies with one's creativity and personal preferences.

    Yes, I agree that the person giving the gift really picked out the item sincerely. That is why all the gifts I have received are always so precious to me.

  3. By the way, I am glad that you are feeling better. Please let me know if you need anything. I have been really sucked up in my life these days. Come home soon. Miss you heaps :)

    Hugs! KR!!