Thursday, August 12, 2010

Imagine: *fighting cats*

Happy Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends & families. Do not worry, it is not raining in KB, in fact it is a bright sunny day today, perhaps in conjunction with the public holiday today. It is only raining in my world today. Why?

> Because I am working today! Weeee~ *sarcastically*!! Today is a public holiday for all, except me. 
Remembering when I was flying off to KK with Simon & the guys back in Dec 2008, I had some problem with my AirAsia ticket, Alan quoted AirAsia's slogan: "Now everyone can fly... except Nana..." but I managed to get into the flight in the end. =)

> Because I was supposed to begin my ACCA F5 & F9 classes next week, and I only found out yesterday that F9 classes are not confirmed yet because I am the only student who signed up for it. And since I only found out about it yesterday, I cannot take up P2 classes because P2 has already started on 7 Aug 2010! I can only get confirmation whether F9 classes will still be ongoing after the June 2010 results are released (i.e. 23 Aug 2010)

> Because the project which I am working on does not seem to be working out rightly. Perhaps I am targeting at the wrong group of consumers. Maybe I should do some marketing or promotions... In fact, I have not finished uploading all my pictures yet, and that is only for a particular brand. The other brand, I am still awaiting for my supplier to come back from her vacation.

> Because at times it seems to me that having Mr Uncle as my bf is as if I don't have one at all. Okay, I won't drill much into it otherwise I will get emo for the rest of the day.

> Because sometimes I do thing which I have no exact explanation for.
Like yesterday I stayed back in my office after 5pm, till about 6.30pm. When I was warming up a car, I saw some "theft" going on. I quoted them cuz I cannot confirm whether it is theft or collusion happening within the company. Mr Uncle told me I should not get too upset over it cuz it may not be true, but then I still feel that perhaps I could have done something? Intervening, perhaps? 

I will be meeting up with dear Jacinta for lunch. We will be having duck rice, it has definitely been a while since I last had duck rice. Perhaps I will take a snapshot of it. 

Hope the day will get better as the hours pass by. What shall I do tonight? Hopefully mom comes home with my lenses! Pink & gray... <3 and I shall continue with my Beethoven Virus. 

xoxo, Na.

(picture credit to lyn @ Flickr)

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