Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BBQ @ LLRC 20100808

Last Sunday my colleague organized a BBQ held at LLRC beach for a get together before the fasting month. It was a good bonding time with me & my colleagues. Although I did not eat much but I enjoyed myself, it was a sunny day with clear sky. There were lots of big trees as shades, so no worries about getting too warm. Hey, LLRC swimming pool is only a walking distance away, just in case you need a quick rinse after playing by the beach. They have toilets for you to change into clean clothes before you head home. Don't tell anyone you learn it from me. 

The Food:

The Beach:

The Co-operation :)
1. The recreational club is only a 5min walk away, so you can get nice chilly drinks to refresh yourself or dine in Kate's Catering over there, if you don't like BBQ-ed food.
2. What can I say... you can either enjoy playing in the sea or in the pool in the club. There's a toilet where you can clean yourself.
3. The trees there are huge. No need to worry about being fried under the sun at 12pm.
4. It is a pretty clean place.

1. Sand getting into the food. In my case, the sausage i ate was sandy.
2. Sand flies! I got bitten twice!! Their scars tend to stay for a long time, I am not sure what the remedy is, mosquito repellent perhaps? Heard from Mr Uncle that you just have to use the sand beach to rub all over your feet and the culprit will leave you alone. Try it and let me know.

So if you're planning a weekend getaway with your friends & family, you can check out this place. Don't forget your sunblock!

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