Sunday, June 12, 2011

Updates of Nana's life...

Exam came and gone in an eye blink. Although prior to that, I was crazy counting down the days, stressing myself out and procrastinating, which was bad and unhealthy - especially I only had to handle one paper F9 this term. Does this mean that I have to do better this time compared to the previous sittings when I was juggling with two papers in a go? Yes, I better. I had my reason to stress out, imagine failing your mock exam. Though there was no specific grade. But a fail is still a fail, hence it was my wake up call. Result will only be out in end of Aug, will update then! Till the release of results, kindly pray for me! :)

Next up is my Professional level with 5 papers. My plan is to take up P1 which is the 100% theory paper (something like my F4 Corporate Law) this December by self-studying and complete the other 4 by 2012! This will require more effort than ever. But I believe, when there is a goal, there is a way and most importantly, determination and dedication play important roles too! (Say is always easier than done!) I will allow myself to have fun till end of June, then in July, I will start my first attempt in self studying.

Life - it had been quiet. Things had not been easy between the landlady and I, I got ticked off on this day when she went a little too far on her nagging, over a vacuum flask. Previously I had been patient with her, thinking that if I were in her shoes, perhaps I couldn't do it any better too. Then that time she went overboard. Yes, my parents did teach me to be respectful to others, but they did not teach me to become an idiot and get stepped over by people who whack me over unreasonable things! I have a limit to my patience too! Do not worry, I am talking to her again. No point holding grudge. Other than that, I was pretty stressed out with exam, and now that it is over, there were supposed to be a lot of things awaiting for me to be done, but I am sitting at home, relaxing. You got to let me do it, as I got sick during exam preparation and the doctor said I lacked rest and gave me Vitamin C! ^^V

Work - I am officially a permanent staff of LANXESS with effective from 1st July 2011! Cheers for me!! I can stop counting down to my months left in LANXESS. Ecstatic? Yes, definitely! Esther and Siew Eng had left - which is kind of sad. Especially for Esther's case. She was like my "shi jie" (senior) and taught me so much. But there are times when I got to stand up on my own and be strong. I have a lot of things to get done on the coming Monday. I was back in the office last Friday after my exams on Thursday, my weak body and tired mind did not allow me to be really efficient. Especially now that I have taken over Esther's work, which requires quite a little of logical thinking. Remember: what doesn't kill me makes me a stronger person! I have definitely been through worst! A little of hardwork and dedication will get me further ahead. I love the fact that now that exam is over, I can focus more on my work.

Oh no, I need to lose weight. I have been eating lots of junks at home, which was definitely unhealthy, during my exam period. I could not be bothered to go to the nearest food court nearby (which is 5min walk away) during my revision period. Imagine: having to get dressed, put on sunscreen to grab some decent food and by the time I get home, I will need to nurture my motivation to study again. Totally not good, especially for a superb procrastinator like me. Let's hope that I will get my butt out of the room later to jog... let's try to make it a 3 times per week thing, shall we? And Quaker's instant oatmeal for dinner? Does it sound good?

All the best to me in whatever I do...
Lots of love to all, and especially to my family whom I miss dearly!
(Yes, I still get homesick!!!)

P.S. My mom is taking her citizenship examination by end of June 2011. It will be an exam in Malay, inclusive of summaries, proverbs, composition, comprehension and poems. I wish her all the best! Hugs, ma!! You are the greatest mom, you are doing this for us, I know! Hope you get through this! Love you, Ma!!!

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