Friday, December 17, 2010

prayer answered

I haven't updated for so long! Oh gosh! Yes, life had been pretty chaotic since I left for Singapore. 

My trip was pretty decent, I did not manage to go to Universal Studios but there were some serious shopping and walking, till my legs nearly died! Haha! I also made some big decisions when I was there. So I have decided to move to Singapore to study and work. Looking back, I know I have whined about life, trying to get away and doing something I deserve, and now, it seems like my prayer has been answered. I feel very blessed for my prayer being answered. I have not been a very good person but I worked my arse off for the past 6 years to get to where I am today. So I guess it is about being at the right place at the right time with the right people, but at the end of the day, it is still up to us to recognize these traits!

Anyone who knows me well enough would have known that I always wanted to get away from where I am. Not trying to get away from my family or friends, but to have a bigger opportunity awaiting for me out there.  Remaining here in Brunei, I will always be restricted to what I love to do, people who grew up in Brunei and holding a green identity card can understand me. I never complained much outfront because I am very lucky to get jobs but deep down in my heart, do you think that I am not envious of my other friends who get much decent jobs, with obviously better pays?

For the past month I had been keeping myself busy with so much things going on in my head - ticketing, college enrollment, resignation, things to bring & etc. Yes, I am an extreme planner! Haha! Because I believe those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Oh well, despite all plannings, there are barriers once in a while, hence I have to replan my things. Not forgetting my exams which took place earlier this month. I only began my revision about a week before my exams. Prior to that, I did not have the motivation at all! Trust me, it is not cool at all to do last minute studying! I sat for my law and performance management papers. I do not dare to comment whether I did well or not, but seriously I hope I will pass, as I do not wish to go through the same notes again! Sweat! Results will only be out on 22 February 2011. Aah~ that will be a long wait!

At the meantime, I sincerely welcome my beloved godson to the world. He was born on 12 December 2010! I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. After that, every time I saw him, he will either be busy breastfeeding or sleeping! So, I guess the next time I see him next year, he will be all giggly! Awww~ so cute!

So I will be moving to a whole new environment soon, tentatively in 2 weeks' time! Wow... seriously? There are mixed feelings though. Excited and happy because I am about to have a new life, heavy in heart because I will be away from my family, my darling niece and nephew, my godson, my room and my car!! I miss my Hayden and Shane all the time even though they are only 2hrs drive away, and sometimes they are being too noisy, so imagine a 2hrs flight away? They will always be asking my parents where am I when my parents visit them! I was hugging my niece goodbye the other day, my heart was heavy! I know I still have 2 weeks to spend with my family but it is inevitable that I will miss them so dearly, esp Hayden and Shane, they just grow up so fast! And Shane will be in Year 1 next year and Hayden will be in Kindergarten! I guess I will miss all these special moments!

It is all for the best! Miss you all! Love!

P.S. Will be home for Chinese New Year! Hooray!!!

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