Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another Year. Another Chapter.

Happy 26th Birthday to me! Not going to lie about it, after all age is just a number and as long as you are healthy and happy, what else matter? Okay, obviously not going to lie because the candles have already clearly indicated my age. It was not easy to blow out the candles, they keep increasing each year and I am a little more out of breath each year! Not forgetting to thank my lovely colleagues who made my first birthday in Singapore much more tolerable. Feel really loved, by all eleven of them. 

A couple of months have passed since my last updated. No I have not been busy, I have been a bummer. It had always been work and classes. Nope, no revision has been done yet especially for the fact that my exam is around 6 weeks away? I remember marking it on my calendar earlier this morning, as of 1st Nov, there will be 48 days! Oh no!

In a glimpse of an eye, I have been in Singapore for 10 months! How time flies! I have not seen my family for 7 months, I miss them like crazy, especially home cooked meals! I do not even know whether I can still drive properly when I get back.  

Not forgetting to welcome my new nephew, Ryan Chin! He came to Earth on 25th July 2011, so that means I have yet to meet him to date but I love him already!

How has life to me these days? Well, there had been some ups and downs at work and in life throughout these months. At work, most of my existing job scope had been assigned to our new supervisor, so I am basically a major backup of everyone, though I have not acquired skills in certain area yet due to unexpected circumstances. A colleague had to work part time for almost three months, so I had to back her up to do payables (not the most interesting job but it requires less thinking). So every time every one else is sick or on leave, I have to take over most of their tasks and I am left with "less thinking required" job scope. For sure I was a little upset over these whole situation in the beginning, but you just got to adapt to changes and come to think of it, as long as I still get paid and since these tasks are not too difficult.

I am going home in January 2012 for around 10 days! Yes... I am really looking forward to that. Although it will be a long journey home. Before that, I have to face my exams! Boo-hoo!

Another realization of life: 
In a relationship with any human, regardless of gender, the pattern will always be the same. It starts off being great, you enjoy their companionship. But a couple of months down the road, s/he will start to irritate the heck out of you, and you will start to resent a little just to hang out with him/her. You also start to wonder what happened to the person you have known many months back. Well, is this called compromising? Even though the position I am in now is not relating to a man, but I actually had this feelings about compromising, to look past her "flaws" and our little disagreements.

But really, with her judging me based on her own standards is not right. I have my own to be happy whenever I wish. I have my own right to like someone (as a person)  even though I may not know him/her well. Why should I like or dislike one just because you like or dislike them? 

Today is a day off at work, just lazing at home feels great. Hey, I did my ironing alright. In addition to that, I had a good nap in the afternoon through the rainy day! Awesome! Yes, no revision involved, but I got the notes on my bed, with P1 Notes 8 flipped to page one. That's a big step, no? 

An auditor is having his CPA exam in 2 weeks (one and a half by now?) - all the best to him! ;)

Till my next update, take care! 
xoxo, Na!

P.S. Looking forward to our company's D&D in about 1.5 weeks' time to be held in Shangri-La Hotel. Theme would be Singapore identity style. Too bad my mom is not here, so no one to sew baju kebaya for me. So I may end up there with my own dress. :)

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