Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love. Food.

For the month of October 2011, I have been out and about exploring good food with my colleagues. Here are some of the places we had been to:

1. Hong Kah Food Court in Jurong West

How to get there? You may reach there by taking bus 335 from Jurong East bus interchange. 

What is so great about it? You should look for the porridge served with steamed chicken plus a generous serving of soy sauce + sesame oil. The porridge is very smooth and the chicken is delicious! I have only been there once and yet to have the second opportunity to go back. Food costs around SGD 6-7, serving for two. 

Bleh? Do not order the iced desserts from the stall run by young adults (i.e. around 20+ of age), they do not know what they are doing. Portioning was not good to expect people to go back for round two. 

2. Hong Xin Restaurant in Chinatown

How to get there? Get off from Chinatown MRT station and walk for around 10 minutes? Okay, not really specific, I totally understand. But you can see the where about it is from here

What is so great about it? Great dim sum served using push carts. All food served was finger licking good! This place is usually very popular, despite located in Level 5 or 7 (my memory is definitely killing me) and you have to be there as early as 8am, else you will have to queue. I was there with three friends of mine and we had a great time talking despite the noise around us. You have to try most of the dim sum served, from siew mai, har kau, phoenix claws, pork ribs, lau sa pau (steamed buns with custard + salted egg yolk fillings), lotus pau (made in a pig shape), lo mai kai to its great dessert, mango + tofu or durian + tofu! We had chrysanthemum tea throughout our lunch! We spent around SGD25 per pax.

Bleh? The mango pamelo isn't the greatest and I did not really like the roasted suckling too! Other than that, just be there early to avoid queues, especially over weekends! 

3. Frog Leg Porridge at Lorong 9 Geylang

How to get there? Alight at Aljunied MRT station, walk past CPA building and at the major traffic light junction, turn right and walk all the way till you find Lorong 9. It starts operating at 4.30pm till late. 

What is so great about it? The plain porridge served with frog leg cooked with soy sauce and dash of chilli. Do have your porridge served with gravy from the frog leg! It is the best thing ever! We spent around SGD 15 per pax as we had about 6 frogs altogether but one big pot of plain porridge. We also had the beef hor fun from the restaurant next door. To be honest, I do not recommend you to take both frog leg and beef hor fun at the same time as you will be unable to decide which one and better. Eventually you will decide that frog leg is best. 

Bleh? It may get late, and heading back to the MRT station (if you are walking) isn't a great sight. Well, we know what Geylang is famous for. Just do not be alone. 

4. Sushi Tei Japanese Restaurant 

How to get there? They have branches in Paragon (Orchard), Vivocity and some other places. I have been to the one in Paragon twice. 

What is so great about it? PLEASE try out its baked prawn with mayonnaise and cheese sauce over it. We had the large ones which cost SGD 10 each but trust me, you will feel out of the world with every single bite you take. We had brought our German colleagues there and ordered this, they could not stop praising it! Another option will be its baked scallop covered with similar sauce, it is equally good but prawn is still the best! 

I have been to the Brunei's leading Japanese restaurant a lot of times and only came to realize that it cannot be compared to Sushi Tei. You get more variety of cooking style to the food here, instead of the normal teriyaki. We also had the Phoenix roll covered with mango, salmon skin (another goodie), and some salmon steak. Desserts were equally great! Both of the times we dined there, it averaged around SGD35-40 per pax.

Bleh? Well, no reservation of seats may be considered a bleh. But other than that, all is good! 

5. Sembawang Seafood Restaurant 

How to get there? We took a shuttle van there. But perhaps you can get there by shuttle bus service provided by Sembawang Plaza from Sembawang MRT station. This restaurant is right opposite to the plaza entrance. 

What is great about it? Perhaps I can say cheaper seafood, it was around SGD 35 per pax (there were around 11 of us). We had crabs (cooked in black pepper, chilli and salted egg), curry fish head, butter prawns and some vegetables. I love the crabs! Not because it was especially good but simply because due to my love for crabs! 

Bleh? We were there for dinner and we had to dine in candlelight because its generator kept failing. Other than that, it was okay considering the amount we were paying for seafood! 

6. Toh Guan Food Court, Jurong East

How to get there? I was there by car with my colleagues and I could not find the exact location of it. This may need some time... All I know it is located somewhere past IMM in Jurong East. 

What is so great about it? Look for the stall which sell bah kut teh and fish head curry! I am really not a big fan of fish head curry but this is great served with rice. It costs around SGD9 per pax, a big pot costs SGD18. Do share it with someone as the portion is quite big! I did not try the bah kut teh but maybe I will try it out some other time! When you purchase drinks, the uncle will give you a free packet of tissue. Sounds good? :)

Bleh? A little too far to be reached by walking alone, unless I find other sources. This is basically just typical Singapore food court environment, so do not have high expectation of the ambiance. Well, food is good - I guess that's all that matters!

Bon Appetit to all! <3

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