Friday, October 29, 2010

A Day Came & Gone

Happy Belated Birthday to me. It has almost been a week since I have turned 25! Okay, the picture says 50, but personally, I think that this cake is too glam for a 50-yo lady, but she may have that special preference, you never know. However I personally would not mind. Recently I have this fetish on pink: I have a pink LG Lollipop, pink boots ordered from G-market and I want a pink cake too. But it did not come. It just came and gone just as another day. I was dreading for it to come by because it made me feel kinda old (imagine... 25...), it is indicating that I have lived a quarter of a century! Yikes! 

I did not do much on that day, however I received a lot of greetings & blessings from Facebook friends, a couple of friends from Australia. Perhaps it is the age thing, I only received 2 gifts this year: a lovely card from an MIA friend in Australia, so she is not so MIA after all and a practical gift, a bag hanger from a close friend. All the greetings put a smile across my face the whole day, while I just sat in front of the TV and spent my whole afternoon and night. 

So another week came and gone by, I have not managed to do any of my revision as well. Ouch. I did touch my notes to refresh my memory for about one hour, in the midst of gastric pain. I suffered a terrible gastric pain for the past 2-3 days, and I finally went to the clinic to get some medication yesterday. The doctor told me that I am not supposed to take any tea, chocolate drink, spicy food & acidic food. She must be kidding right?  That must be the saddest news. I did not ask whether that would be a permanent thing or a temporary stop, I guess I can try after the current gastric pain goes off. Some people just never learn their lessons eh. 

I went to my boss' house last night for dinner to celebrate her achievement in getting some award from the Sultan earlier this week. I was the one who ordered the food with the caterer, and that was before the massive gastric evil came to me, hence most of the food were spicy. Oh yes, I love spicy. 

There were:
~ Vegetarian spring roll & deep fried chicken wanton as appetizer. Plus home made potato salad too.
~ Fried rice as the staple food.
~ Oven roasted whole lamb leg
~ Green curry chicken
~ Deep fried fish fillet with mango
~ Mixed vegetables
~ Oreo cheesecake, Tiramisu in cup & fruit tarts as dessert
~ Beverage: fruit punch, red wine, beer & brandy! (Heaven? Yes...)

There I was, not supposed to take any food which may upset my stomach but I still took a little portion of all the food listed above, and that includes the beverage too. Two of my colleagues and I stayed back after everyone has left, talking to my boss while savouring her alcohol supply. 

So we talked about Lawas, Sarawak where one of a colleague is from, which led to Lawas Hot Spring. My colleague mentioned that to get to the hot spring, a 4WD will be needed, because the roads there are mainly meant for trucks carrying timber. 

I asked, "Then what was the point of building a hot spring there, when they are not intending to fix the road?"
Suddenly I find eyes looking at me... my boss said, "They didn't built it there, it's out of nature..."

Okay... that was a little embarrassing! Haha... because I remember the Poring Hot Spring in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah has all these cemented bath with pipes and mini hill to turn it into a tourist attraction. No worries, I was never really good with Geography anyway! 

7 days countdown for me to go to Singapore! I know... I know... I should be revising! But still very excited about visiting Singapore, not about the shopping, but more about R&R... not forgetting food and Universal Studios! I hope my next R&R will be in Korea by next May (that means, savings!!) and Langkawi & Penang by next October... 

Till then, take care everyone. xoxo...

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