Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Hunt for...

In addition to my previous post, I am suffering from toothache too. Hence I basically lost my appetite to eat, but I bought two bars of Cadbury chocolates. They're still sitting soundly in my fridge. I do not have to worry about big "rats" since my younger sister isn't home! Yes, she has the tendency to eat my stuff, if they lie around too long unattended. While savoring my things, she can take a picture of the precise moment using my camera, and later denying that she has anything to do with it (note: photo still not deleted from the camera).

My toothache... I still haven't been to the dentist to get it checked out. It is quite a pain cuz my gum around the wisdom teeth is swelling, making eating troublesome. So these few days I have been eating quite a lot of porridge.

Normally I'll only get the HK Style Porridge from our local restaurant, Wywy. It consists of small cuts of chicken breast, two fried wanton (meat dumplings - chicken), one mussel, a few cuts of century eggs (the preparer will only add them in as and when they like) and a generous amount of shredded carrots & gingers!! I love this porridge, it is quite delicious if not for the gingers getting in the way of my savoring moment, and not forgetting the fried garlic too!! Why do they like to put the fried garlic in? I had to remove them one by one. Price? It costs BND 3.50 - for the quantity and quality as mentioned, it is quite worth it.

Last night I discovered another place, Tai Hua Restaurant along Jalan Pretty. They are selling quite a variety of porridge too. Don't get me wrong, Wywy has a variety too but so far I have only tried their HK Style Porridge. So last night I tried TH's Minced Pork with century egg porridge. Food is good, portion was more than I could finish which could be due to my loss of appetite. Price was B$ 3.00. Downside: It's fine if you dine in, but if you opt to take away, they'll wrap it in a clear plastic bag (note: not even some kind of white foam bowl like what Wywy would do).

Then again, I am not a very fussy eater. So I went back to them again to order Seafood Porridge during lunch today! It's good!! Fair amount of fish fillet, prawns, squids... I was in heaven. I didn't ask to add in century egg because I brought 1 century egg from home and added in myself. Save me B$1.00! Haha. Actual pricing for seafood porridge is B$3.00. Portion was same as the minced pork porridge with century egg!

If I still do  not have the appetite to eat anything solid for dinner later, I will be going for their fish porridge. Oh gosh~ how I miss the days when I had fish porridge at the hawker centers nearby Singapore HDB flats! Cheap and crazily good! I won't mind going there to have breakfast everyday! And not forgetting, the fish porridge Simon brought me to when we were in KK two years back! Normally I would've avoided anything fishy, like fish soup (with the exception to the ones my dad make), but that porridge was really good. Too bad my stomach only had enough space for one bowl.

Looks like I have already made up my mind what to have for dinner later. Cheers ^^

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